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Temecula / Murrieta 
445.080 -               PL 82.5                 ASL Node 2063

Remote Base Vhf                                    ASL Node 2064   

All KE6UPI analog repeaters use or linked to Allstarlink. (


DMR / Fusion
Low Level Repeater East Murrieta, CA
447.400 - CC2
California 3106 StaticLocal 110618 Static
Nationwide / Bridge 3100TG9
TAC 310 310ECOM 9911 Static
TAC 311 311Parrot 9990
Worldwide 91
All other TG please use TS1

The normal Local talkgroup is 2. I wanted to allow users that are outside the coverage area to be able to use a hotspot to get in. So the repeater DMR ID is 110618. If you have a hotspot and would to use the repeater key up TG110618 TS2.


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